Ideal literature

Though by Ideal, we think of it as being a false fantasy not realized by human. The true meaning of Ideal is a complete state being the supreme and ultimate objective of man.

The true meaning of an ideal literature should be a literature that makes human attain completion having both the method and the alternative to do so.

An Ideal literature is true when it has the method and alternative to a whole-person education, the Ideal World will unfold only after this is done.

The Ideal World is a world free of worldly dissatisfaction. Lacking of nothing, this world deviates beyond human customs and practices. Only by returning to the mind of Origin, man is freed from his agony and becomes a free man and as he shall not want he will live for others..

As this book is making people around the world throw the false that is the self and know the method to become a whole man and make them reach the complete state, this book is not fantasy nor delusion nor imagination but a true ideal book in realization in reality.
Human to this day was incomplete as he had no method to go back to the origin through the disappearance of his mind world and the self, but now with this method he will reach completion.

The Ideal World will come true through the Ideal literature. It is to make what is false become Truth and to change false human mind to the real mind of God by discarding his mind world and himself as they are false.

As his mind becomes the real mind of the Origin which is the mind of God, man will be self sufficient and will escape from suffering and worries and can be always happy.

Without the method to discard it is just fantasy and delusion but because there is the method to discard it is an ideal literature possible of realizing.

– passage from ‘The Ideal literature and the Ideal World” by Woo Myung


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