Where You Become True Is The Place Of Truth (Japanese)

the placeWhere You Become True Is the Place of Truth introduces the fact that the ideal world, which people only dream about, can be accomplished. By subtracting the human mind, one can return to the original nature, the everlasting world of happiness.

Woo Myung presents the way for people to be free from the burdens of their minds and to be at peace. Woo Myung also states that human completion is returning to the original foundation – the source of the world. A person reborn in the original foundation while he is living is a complete person who lives forever. The place where you can reach Truth is the place of Truth and this book provides the method of how one can reach that place.


Nature’s Flow

Nature's Flow _ JapaneseThese genuine collections of poetry beautifully convey the importance to man of reaching Truth, as well as enlightenment, eternal life, and inner peace.

What is Truth? What is the life of the natural flow of the universe?

Nature’s Flow easily and simply teaches how to become the perfect and pure true mind, and how to live by the natural flow of the universe.

Woo Myung guides you to the enlightenment that humans are Truth and that everything is one. The poetry candidly and poignantly demonstrates that only the person who becomes one with everything can be in heaven and can live life with wisdom.

Nature’s Flow is available in Japanese.


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