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Teacher Woo Myung is the founder of Meditation as well as the bestselling author and poet of numerous books. In addition to being actively involved in writing, teacher Woo Myung also provides lectures worldwide. His newest book, Stop Living in This Land Go to the Everlasting World of Happiness Live There Forever, was recorded in the Top 100 bestseller list of 2012 on Amazon.com. Woo Myung was the first Korean single author to have achieved this record.

Moreover, he has won gold medals for various international book awards, including IPPY, National Indie Excellence Awards, International Book Awards, and eLit Book Awards in the categories of spirituality, mind and philosophy. This book has also garnered much attention and interest around the world in the subject of the mind and emptying the mind.

Meditation, a non-profit organization, currently operates over 340 centers worldwide and continues to grow. Meditation is active in various projects such as providing free Maum Talk concerts, conducting Stress-Free Campaigns and volunteer medical, dental, and hairdressing services for the elderly and needy. Meditation also participates in environmental cleanup efforts.



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