The Definition Of Truth

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Truth is an everlasting, never-changing and living existence.

This is the correct definition of Truth.

The existence that is everlasting, never-changing and alive is the body, Jung, and mind, Shin, of the Universe,

which existed before the great Universe.

This existence is the sky before the sky: the emptiness that is the great Universe itself. 

It is Truth and the very Soul and Spirit of the great Universe.


It is a metaphysical entity that exists, of and by itself, in all creations.

It is the source and the origin of all things.

It does not exist yet it does exist; 

although it exists, it has no form.

It cannot be seen or known by the human mind;

it is only possible to know this existence when one’s mind goes beyond his human mind and becomes one with this existence.

If one is reborn as the Soul and Spirit of this existence, 

he is Truth and can live forever without death.

This existence exists, as the Universe itself.

Regardless of the countless creations that come and go it just exists,

as the body and mind of the never-dying immortal origin.

This existence is Truth.

Unless one’s Soul and Spirit is reborn in the land of this existence, nothing is eternal.

Being reborn as the Soul and Spirit, in the land of the Soul and Spirit

– the origin of all material form – is the completion of the Universe.

This is what is meant by becoming Truth.[/box]


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